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Designing ecosystems will be big next year on SxSW

Saturday 19 March 2011 door Iskander in evenementen

It is mentioned before, one of the interesting findings of SxSW this year can be that we lost the Internet as the platform for websites and are shifting to a focus on target optimized apps. Another angle on that is the emergence of the ecosystem approach, something I was especially interested in because of our […]

The new American way

Thursday 17 March 2011 door Iskander in evenementen

Back on Dutch soil. I’ve been to a lot conferences with comparable topics and speakers to SXSW in Europe. This was my first US conference. The speakers may be the same in Europe, and as Bruce Sterling advices his fellow countrymen, you will not get worse to visit some of the Europe conferences. But I […]

Gamification for the world on SXSW

Wednesday 16 March 2011 door Iskander in evenementen

In all reports on SXSW you will find gamification as hot theme. Not surprising, we see this trend also for quite some time now, but it is good to see it landed and is also becoming more mature. If you look to the gamification on SXSW you can see some different approaches. The first is […]

Verslag van SXSW; de ontwerpkeuzes achter Ditto

door Iskander in evenementen, sxsw

Dit jaar was met twee mensen aanwezig bij een van de grootste interactieve conferenties ter wereld: South By South-West (SXSW) in Austin Texas. Op deze vijfdaagse conferentie komen meer dan 10.000 bezoekers kijken wat de nieuwste ontwikkelingen zijn en worden vele nieuwe diensten ge├»ntroduceerd. Twitter kreeg in 2007 de kickstart en Foursquare in 2009. […]