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Algorithms the new now at FutureEverything

Tuesday 24 May 2011 door Iskander in evenementen

This year I attended the conference FutureEverything for the first time. The event is in a way more a festival than a conference, with a combination of music, art and ideas. FutureEverything had a nice exhibition on data visualisation and some art installations in town, and a extensive music program in the evening, my primary […]

New valuations for big data on and around The Next Web

Wednesday 4 May 2011 door Iskander in evenementen

Last week I visited The Next Web conference. As the conference aim to look to the coming trends in Internet and tries to show the best of Internet start-ups from Europe, it is interesting to see what the general feeling is after the conference. It is however not that clear to say. But there is […]