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Back to reality at dConstruct 2011

Wednesday 7 September 2011 door Iskander in evenementen

September 2 happened another edition of dConstruct. A conference I visited before in 2008 and always follow because of the interesting mix of makers culture and design thinking. This edition was interesting again. The struggle with reality turned out a big thing, if you can consider these talks as the barometer for the times ahead. […]

Reporting on This happened #11

Monday 4 July 2011 door Iskander in evenementen

Last week we visit This happened #11 with a couple of colleagues. This 11th edition of the event was supported by As ever the evening brought a mixture of speakers in the field of interaction design; from an industrial design project to the design of a playground. And from an online music tool to […]

Annual European conference on the state of the Internet of Things

door Iskander in evenementen, internet der dingen

I attended the Annual Internet of Things Europe conference in Brussels last week. The conference gives an overview of the current state of the development towards an Internet of Things where not only computers and mobile phones are connected to the world wide network, but also all kinds of other objects become part. And just […]

Mobilism 2011

Tuesday 7 June 2011 door Harm in evenementen, exploding website, mobile, niet gecategoriseerd, trends

In deze post een overzicht van de belangrijkste thema’s van de tweedaagse conferentie ‘Mobilism‘ in Amsterdam, die 12 & 13 mei plaatsvond. Onderwerp van dit congres was design en development voor mobiele devices. Wat is een mobiel device? Een draagbare, connected (met het internet), apparaat. Waarbij de grens heel snel aan het vervagen is, met […]

Algorithms the new now at FutureEverything

Tuesday 24 May 2011 door Iskander in evenementen

This year I attended the conference FutureEverything for the first time. The event is in a way more a festival than a conference, with a combination of music, art and ideas. FutureEverything had a nice exhibition on data visualisation and some art installations in town, and a extensive music program in the evening, my primary […]

New valuations for big data on and around The Next Web

Wednesday 4 May 2011 door Iskander in evenementen

Last week I visited The Next Web conference. As the conference aim to look to the coming trends in Internet and tries to show the best of Internet start-ups from Europe, it is interesting to see what the general feeling is after the conference. It is however not that clear to say. But there is […]

Is web 3.0 liquid en relevant?

Sunday 17 April 2011 door Iskander in evenementen

Afgelopen woensdag (13 april) vond het evenement Web 3.0; Liquid Internet plaats. Ik was uitgenodigd in het afsluitende panel plaats te nemen. De conferentie is het vervolg op een ronde tafel bijeenkomst die september 2010 werd georganiseerd door IQNOMY waar aan de hand van een vijftal stellingen te discussieren over ‘the future of the internet’. […]

Designing ecosystems will be big next year on SxSW

Saturday 19 March 2011 door Iskander in evenementen

It is mentioned before, one of the interesting findings of SxSW this year can be that we lost the Internet as the platform for websites and are shifting to a focus on target optimized apps. Another angle on that is the emergence of the ecosystem approach, something I was especially interested in because of our […]

The new American way

Thursday 17 March 2011 door Iskander in evenementen

Back on Dutch soil. I’ve been to a lot conferences with comparable topics and speakers to SXSW in Europe. This was my first US conference. The speakers may be the same in Europe, and as Bruce Sterling advices his fellow countrymen, you will not get worse to visit some of the Europe conferences. But I […]

Gamification for the world on SXSW

Wednesday 16 March 2011 door Iskander in evenementen

In all reports on SXSW you will find gamification as hot theme. Not surprising, we see this trend also for quite some time now, but it is good to see it landed and is also becoming more mature. If you look to the gamification on SXSW you can see some different approaches. The first is […]